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      Single Gateway into a Comprehensive Indonesia Logistics Ecosystem & 280Mil Population 
          Pintu gerbang tunggal ke ekosistem logistik indonesia yang komprehensif & 280 Juta populasi

通往印度尼西亚综合物流生态系统和 2.8 亿人口的单一门户

JNEI is the international hybrid 4PL arm of JNE Express, Indonesia's leading logistics company by revenue/profits, market share supported by a vast physical network of 60 main branches, 8,500 sub-branches & service outlets. As a hybrid Asian 4PL, JNEI has signed up with global companies (eg US, China, Germany) to accelerate their internationalisation plan via a single gateway into a comprehensive end to end Indonesia logistics ecosystem. The integrated port to door delivery services include fast & low-cost China-Indonesia air logistics (ecommerce, cargo), green lane customs clearance, connected by an extensive domestic land trucking & air network, ecommerce fulfillment services plus JNE's reliable, flexible & extensive last mile delivery network (with COD/digital payment) . Besides its 4PL role, JNEI is developing new digital financial services (with AI capabilities) with a leading Indonesian conglomerate to launch innovative financial services for financial inclusion.
Fully digital, hybrid 4PL with expedited Indonesia customs clearance & connected supply chain

With JNE Express as a strategic shareholder, we have a "hybrid 4PL" model - with major physical assets, cutting edge technologies, including expedited customs clearance capabilities (green lane, inter city trucking networks, IoR) to ensure goods are able to move fast once it land at the airport or seaport to "connect" cross border flow of goods. 

Dense Network of Warehousing, Forward Stocking Locations
(FSLs) across Indonesia

We use a portfolio of FSLs to leverage inventory holding costs and decentralise distribution (B2C, B2B), enhancing our customers ability to expand in Indonesia. Transit times are drastically reduced, where deliveries are being measured in hours rather than days. We let you focus on your business rather than warehouse management activities. Our FSLs are strategically located near 95% of the entire Indonesia population across Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi & Batam.

Most extensive ultra-asset light Logistics Distribution Network in Indonesia

Once the goods land (air & sea), it gets cleared quickly and we can connect it to the JNE extensive logistics network in Indonesia to over 83,000 cities, regencies, villages & remote islands. 

Complete Visibility- Flow of Goods

With our technologies and API management suite, we provide a "singular view" for detailed end to end logistics tracking milestones, starting from goods arrival, customs clearance till ePOD via our JNEI customer portal with redocking algorithms, virtual gateways & APIs.

Delivering Business Value using Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning 

Today’s cyber threats demand serious security. We secure all your customer shipment data with trusted encryption & more. Our AWS Cloud based API Gateway is built with high performance plus strong security needed in an ever changing digital world. We are developing a secure, flexible data strategy and architecture to empower users to tap into diverse data and power business insights while applying real time analytics and machine learning (ML) techniques.  

Our ultra asset light, Asean eCommerce fulfilment network is powered by integrated end to end operational & technology capabilities.

Who are we


JNEI is the international 4PL arm of JNE Express (Indonesia's leading logistics company in terms of market share with a network of 60 branches & 7,000 service outlets). We provide global companies an accelerated strategy to support their internationalisation plan, minimise financial risks yet achieve fast market access to a large and growing Indonesia. 


Logistics comprise 24% of Indonesia's GDP (source: World Bank), and is a key challenge to the efficient flow goods in a vast archipelago of over 13,000 islands and a population of over 280MIl.


JNE Express was founded in 1990, and have a strong history including winning top awards such as:

1. Indonesia WOW Brand 2021 Category Courier Service (2021)

2. Indonesia Millenial's Brand Choices Awards (2021)

3. The Best Brand Corporate Image Award (Courier), 2021 

4. The Best CEO Award (2020) 

5. The Original Brand Award (2020) 


Alex Tan


JNE International 


Office: JNE Express HQ

JI. Tomang Raya No 11 Jakarta

Barat 11440 Indonesia

Alex has over 25 years experience in leadership roles across multi industries eg postal, global 3PL logistics & supply chain, global banking & technology. He was previously the Group Chief Digital & Technology Officer at Singapore Post, Regional Chief Information Officer (Asia Pacific Region) at DB Schenker. Prior to that, he was the VP Head, Payment Products at OCBC Bank (Singapore's 2nd largest bank) & the regional VP, Trade Processing (Asia Pacific) at CitiBank Global Corporate & Investment Bank.


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